Biography of Christian Cordier:

Born May 26, 1974 in Paris.
Died July 2, 2006 (at age 32 years)
Painter, sculptor, poet, self-taught French

He spends his BA in 1992 but stopped his studies because he had this gift since childhood
for painting pursued.
He returned in 1993 to BHV rue de Rivoli, in the 4th district.
He works on hand but serious and motivated, he joined the Home Collection Service, also part-time for his passion for painting came first.
In 1996 he completed his military service and on his return, he resumed his work in continuing to paint.

He has always lived in the 6th district in a one bedroom apartment with her mother, where he painted. In 1998 he left Paris to settle in the Oise in the family home where he found the quiet life away from Paris.

Very sensitive to the arts and without specific training, he spends much of his time to painting, he shares time with his other passions, especially literature and writing.
He leaves behind a large number of paintings that are still unknown but the symbol of his love and his passion for his art of painting.
Christian Cordier has already set in Paris in July 2008 as mayor of the 6th district.
His exhibition was a great success.
His works have much.

                           The creations of Christian Cordier

Transform a mental image into a pictorial image, and know how to do well characterizes the artist. This transformation, Christian Cordier already practiced so young. His curiosity led him to develop new discoveries very creative.
His research continued and evolved with forms always inventive.

It should offer a different style, a personal vision of this art, to take another look at the world on his surroundings. Inspired in part by the mythology that create a modern atmosphere in these representations. His portraits are very different from each other, inspire a great feeling. They reflect the painter's emotions felt at one time and according to his mood. It alternates between classicism and modernism in his paintings and demonstrates curiosity in its investigations.

Despite its short life, this man of art has left us at age 32, many testimonies of his talent and an artist's dream unfinished.