When fairies rest on the cradle
their wands,
they often bring gifts:
music, poetry, painting, sculpture!
Then the child is not yet known
that it will sprout this force, this will
to pass the art by his wit, his hands!
Then a sheet of drawing paper, a few tubes of paint
and here he comes into this desire, this need:
capture a scene,
bring out of his imagination
from abstract to concrete everything that inspires!
Christian was one of those children,
that the window of his class, loved to watch the world!
The culmination of years of course,
lights punctuated the sky,
finally bring him freedom!
So greedily, he lets his brush,
his pen,
as if he knew the time would be counted!
It creates glare and color
enlightens the apartment turned into a pallet,
where his mother shares her enthusiasm!
Oh, it does not come from a world where everything is free!
So he keeps a time for work
and quickly returns to his favorite paintings!
They reflect, as well as his writings,
his world his world as an artist, his dream world!
He leaves behind his rainbows,
his paintings that can not be out of your sight,
as they are his life, his short life!
The fairies had not deceived
by asking the cradle of Christian
their wands:
He thanked the tips of his brushes .......

Ghislaine Bricout